Marlin Ledin

by Marlin Ledin



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releases September 1, 2017

Dane Hauser - Drum Kit and backing vocals on Home
Vanessa Van Cleve - Backing Vocals on Home and Fireflies and The Wind
Sadie Sigford - Cello on The River and Fireflies and The Wind, Backing Vocals on Disease and Sinking Ships.
Ryan Rusch - Vibes on The Coldest Season
Noble Falconer - Backing vocals on Sinking Ships and Disease
Kayla Ducette - Backing vocals on Disease and Sinking Ships
Marlin Ledin - Guitars, Synth bass, Electric bass, samples, editing, percussion, vocals, cajon, accordion, faux steel, melodica, Wurlitzer,

All Songs Written and Produced by Marlin Ledin

Audio Representation of Imagined Music Captured at The Weight Room in Washburn, WI. by Ryan Rusch and Marlin between fall of 2014 and the spring of 2017.
Mastered by Dave Hill at Inland Sea in Superior, WI.



all rights reserved


Marlin Ledin Washburn, Wisconsin

I continue to try and find the crossroads where people, the wilderness, and music greet one another. Finding that crossroads was once a simple matter, but it is hidden now like a frightened animal on the fringe of the well trodden paths our daily shuffle. Music is dear to me, and I try to write about what I know. Simple music for simple people is my only goal. ... more


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Track Name: Celebrate
Whoever you are, wherever you are from:
You don't have to love how I love, or pray how I pray, or sing how I sing. You don't have to dance like I dance, or laugh at all my jokes, or pray how I pray. I'm equal here beside you. When everybody knows what you've done and your feelings are on the run, you can stay where I stay. You do't have to act like you know or take off all your clothes. You don't have to leave a light on when we make love, and you don't have to miss me when I'm gone. Gone for now, or gone forever.
Whoever you are, wherever you are from.
You don't have to sink like a stone when frustration is the only thing you know, all you touch, all you can think about. Maybe I'm a little bit confused by it all. By all you touch, and all you think about. When no one stands to argue, about who is first, and who will be last, the time we have is what we celebrate.
Track Name: Disease
Theres a man staring at me. With his eyes he says, "I don't know if you can say that". White noise all around, he has his face to the wall while he says it. Maybe he thinks "what I don't know can not hurt me", and maybe he actually believes it. Whatever.

I know! I ain't got that disease. I know, they ain't got what I need... I'm free now.

Night moves make you wonder aloud, "I don't know if I did say that."
While you rest deep in the ground, like, "I guess the holes won't wait much longer."
Now days like your ringing a bell, I guess the souls won't wait much longer. Now days like your ringing a bell. I guess the souls won't wait much longer.
Well, I know I ain't got that disease, or what I need, I'm free but god damn my soul is tired.

My soul is tired now.
Track Name: Fireflies and The Wind
She meets you in an empty street with a bottle of wine. As she turns to face you, she asks for a cigarrette. She even says "please". She brings a heavy deck of cards, (go on) and her feet are bare. Her lovers become her enemies and from then on, they're only memories. Yes.

Like a beggar chooses life, like fireflies in the wind. Like a moth, in a summer breeze, like a moth in a warm summer breeze. They are only memories.

We stop at the waters edge. (Go on) A discovery is made. (Go on)

Well, with her hands in the clay, she walks through the grass, and shows her teeth, with the soil at her toes and earth in her hair the woman in the well climbs up, stone by... stone by stone.

You see a complicated thing. you see the source of all my rage. And it hurts, because I can't runaway. Because I can't run away. All her lovers become her enemies, and from then they're only memories. Yes.
Track Name: Home
Like all things around me, you come and you go, and when your here it's like a red rose in a field, of snow. If seeing is believing, I believe I am Home, in the fires on the ice, the wind, the snow, Home.
Some people will stay here, yet others will roam, to post card countries far from Home. The point is to be free and feel alive. To be half crazy is wholly alive. Home.
Some find their way here to be left alone. "I'm just a farmer, I don't need gold." Just shakes from the cedar, collect what we know, then go tell your friends about the wind and the snow. Home.
Track Name: Sinking Ships
Everyone can see that your ship is sinking and that you need some saving. Yeah right. If you think it's coming well you've gone insane because:
For too long you've picked the pockets of the poor. You take all you want and all you want is more. Then you hold that shit up to the peoples faces, you let them see, it's a disgrace how:
You collect your tax just to spend it on guns and bombs and bats. When we try to settle a score you feel threatened because we don't want war... I don't want war!
Track Name: The Coldest Season
I'll wave my troubles goodbye; you've grown colder than the coldest season, and I don't need a reason. A light is fading, with things your saying, these are words onto a fire.
Your imagination is rearranging what remains, to serve your one desire.
Another word onto the fire.
What if your eye won't see it? What if your hand refuses to feel it? Is it the coldest season? Then, what if we are one good reason? Right there! You play the game, one of mystery and wonder. Right there, again, you play the game. What a mystery and no wonder that's when you came. So...
Who shall I love?
When autaumn leaves are falling, and winter winds come calling.
Who shall I love?
When leaves change to turn the season, when mistakes are worth repeating, and when it's colder than the coldest season. I believe the leaves will change to turn the season.
My imagination. Fucking imagination. In this failing light, in this... god help us all. If "who shall I love" becomes a word onto the fire? When music becomes a word onto the fire. When it is all just another word onto the fire. Who shall I love? Who shall I love? Who shall I love?
Track Name: The River
Take me to the river. Throw me down in the watering hole. Throw me down, throw me down, down. I know it won't be long. Everyone is a winner. Makes us free from the seeds we've sown. Now you know. How it won't be long. Easy like a river does roll, or light like a feather when the wind does blow, I'll let it go, let it go. Yes, I'll let it go. "We may rise on stepping stones of our dead selves"- ???? Heavy is the hammer that falls. Breaking bricks from the biggest of walls, there it goes, watch it go, watch it fall. I know it won't be long. Easy like a river does roll. Let happiness be the thing you know. Everyday. Everyday. Each and every day. I know it won't be long.